Meet the Team

 We are proud of our company and its growth and success in:

– Obtaining quality land developments

– Completing innovative and contemporary builds

– Operating successfully in the uncertainty of the GFC

While continuing to provide the service our clients expect.


Peter Burke


Born and educated in Perth, Peter Burke has a strong background in Commerce and Business, specifically in the fields of sales and marketing functions. Peter moved to Europe to gain further experience and worked there for more than ten years. At the end of his time in Europe Peter was a senior executive and director working for a large and successful multi-national company as the head of its European Sales Team. After Peter returned to Perth in 2007 he established Handle Property Group. Peter is the licensee for Handle Realty, leads the project management side of the business and manages the sales and marketing teams in the group. Peter is married with 5 children and his family has lived in Perth for more than 6 generations.


Ran Mo graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting in 2001 in Zhejiang, China and soon discovered he had a flair for marketing and business. After one year in marketing, Mo came to Perth to continue his studies and achieved his Masters Degree in Business in 2005. Mo joined Handle Property Group in 2012 as the Director Of Business Development helping the group expand its business in China.



Frank Jiang is an Honours Graduate in Civil Engineering and he migrated to Western Australia from New Zealand in 2009 to work as a mining engineer. After settling in Perth, Frank completed his studies and worked mainly in financial areas providing financial advice and building up his expertise in successful investment in the Stock Market, Foreign Exchange, Futures Trading and, very importantly, developing recognised expertise in property investment. By the age of 30, Frank had an impressive multimillion dollar property portfolio that includes residential and commercial investment properties and he is now a recognised Specialist Property Adviser and Manager. Frank’s expertise includes project investment and property development and he is the Director of Investment for Handle Property Group.


Project Managers

Andrew de Haas
Senior Project Manager

Gary Lee
Senior Project Manager

Sandra Klarich
Project Manager

David Lee
Project Manager

Executive Team

David Lewis
Sales Manager

Claire Swan
Business Manager

Kevin Wontner
Business Development Manager

Carl McDarby
Business Development Manager

Hong Harwood
Residential Sales

Jan Pagonis
Business Development Manager

Eric Fernandes
Business Development Manager

Handle Wealth Management

Justin Abbot
MFAA Approved Credit Advisor

Andrew Kininmonth
Finance Broker

Jaime McCarroll
Finance Broker

Overseas Market Executive Team

China Executive Team

Megan Zheng
Head of Sales for China

Jianhui Chen
Head Accountant China

Laura Liu
Design Marketing Executive

Melissa Wang
Office Administration

Max Wang
Sales Director of Shanxi Region

Allan Ou
Marketing Manager

Min Lin
Sales Manager

Alex Chen
IT Manager

Hong Kong Executive Team

Henry Yee
Director of Sales & Marketing

Annie Tang
Overseas Property
Investment Consultant

Jennifer Ho
Head of Sales

Anita Fung
Overseas Property
Investment Consultant

Vietnam Executive Team

Nga Nguyen
Director of UcViet Land

Trinh Nguyen
Distribution Director of UcViet Land

Phillip Nguyen
Finance Director

Freddy Surjawidjaja
Finance Manager

Malaysia Executive Team

Christine Quek
Malaysia Business Development Manager

Office Team


Marie Scott
Office & Administration Manager

Gary Zhang

Martine Jones
Contracts Manager

Nikki Tsapazi

Property Management

Karen Gravenall
Senior Investment Manager

Amy Strang
Senior Property Manager

Michaela Chalmers
Property Manager

Karlee Williams
Property Manager

Marketing Team

Kyle Owen
Marketing Manager

Ruth Drewell
Marketing Executive