NRAS – Tenant Eligibility

Are you eligible to rent an NRAS home?

The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) has been created to increase the supply and affordability of quality rental homes for low-moderate income families across Australia. So who exactly is able to rent an NRAS home?

NRAS tenant income levels

Eligibility to rent an NRAS property is based largely on gross annual household income levels, as specified in the NRAS Act, which sets CPI-linked income limits for every type of household.

The table below shows two income limits. To be eligible to rent an NRAS home, your current household income must not exceed the initial income limit.

Once you’re renting an NRAS home, the ‘Upper income limit’ comes into play. This allows for your household income to grow (by up to 25 percent) before your eligibility is affected.

Eligible Tenant income profiles (per annum; 2017/2018 NRAS Year)

Household composition Initial household
income limit ($)
One adult 49,547
Two adults 68,501
Three adults 87,455
Four adults 106,409
Sole-parent with one child 68,548
Sole-parent with two children 84,983
Sole-parent with three children 101,418
Couple with one child 84,936
Couple with two children 101,371
Couple with three children 117,806